Jungian Psychotherapy and Analysis in Perth

“Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but
by integration of the contraries.”
– Carl Gustav Jung


I offer a type of psychotherapy known as depth psychology — a process that involves the exploration of both conscious and unconscious aspects of the personality.  Some of the benefits of this healing process include connection to creative aspirations and authenticity.  Contributing to the collective would come naturally from this place.

In this type of work, the therapist work together with the client in joining different parts of their personality, and connecting the link between inner and outer life.


Examples of situations where psychotherapy/psychoanalysis could be helpful:


  • Finding your passion and talents
  • Life transitions: from youth to adulthood, midlife, retirement, ageing
  • Finding your way as a young adult
  • Coping with feelings of breaking away or losing your ground
  • Dealing with feelings of losing your orientation and previous values
  • Feeling as if live in someone else’s skin
  • When experiencing intense, intrusive thoughts or longing
  • Dealing with chronic and acute medical illnesses
  • Dealing with physical symptoms
  • Feelings of isolation in the middle of rich social-network
  • You are an introverted individual trying to find your place in an extroverted environment and vice-versa
  • When experiencing a sense of uneasiness inside, but unable to put your feelings into words
  • Perpetual difficulties in making decisions
  • Exploring the theme of ‘’I am different to everyone else’’
  • Emotional issues faced by refugees
  • Matters related to migrants and expats, including culture-shock
  • Feelings related to spirituality, faith, and religion
  • Dealing with the topic of death and dying
  • Grief, loss, fear, depression, anxiety, anger and adjusting to major life changes
  • Feelings relating to your sense of belonging
  • Wanting to understand yourself better
  • Interest in dream interpretation
  • Interest in painting as mode of healing
  • Those who intuitively feel that regular, psychotherapeutic sessions are what they need
  • Those who are deeply intrigued by psychoanalysis without knowing why