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Online Psychotherapy


Modern technology allows us to meet online. While I have always advocated for face-to-face psychotherapy, online psychotherapy could work well with clients whenever we are unable to be in the same place.


  • Frequent travelers.
  • People who cannot travel to see a therapist in person due to limited physical mobility, medically unfit, etc.
  • Caregivers who cannot physically leave their elderly parents or sick family members alone at home.
  • Mothers with young children who only have time to spare when their children are asleep,etc.
  • People who live in remote places and do not have access to a therapist (or to a therapist who is a good match).
  • People who do not have access in their vicinity to a therapist who speaks the same language or comes from a particular culture/background/approach of working.
  • When clients or psychoanalysts relocate (temporarily or permanently) but want to continue working together.
  • In situations when, culturally, it is extremely challenging and almost impossible to see a therapist without being significantly stigmatised.
  • People who are having explainable or unexplainable connections to a certain place outside their homeland, and want to work with a therapist who lives or comes from that place.
  • None of the above, but there is still an urge to have online therapy.


Unless there are no other choices, I would not recommend online therapy with a
therapist in a faraway place to seek help for suicidal thoughts.

The wish to die against the basic instinct to live – is a deep and complex matter that touches the core of both the client and the psychotherapist. Solace through non-verbal connections with another human being is often more necessary in this particular situation, and physical presence channels more possibility for both verbal and non-verbal connections. Unless a therapeutic
relationship has already been established in a face-to-face setting, it is strongly encouraged if one seeks help from someone within their vicinity.


  • Both psychoanalyst and the client would need to find a private space with minimal noise and distraction.
  • Good internet connection is necessary to avoid interruptions.
  • Confidentiality is treated with utmost importance, and online psychotherapy sessions are not audio-visually recorded.

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Offering Online Psychotherapy Only in 2020